Once upon a time, in the days before we were masked and socially isolated, we started plotting and writing a fantasy saga. It evolved into a murder mystery with magic, a hideous serial killer, and an intriguing romance that wasn’t all it seemed. Despite our agent informing us (about four years too late) her agency did not want to represent fantasy fiction anymore, we forged ahead, started our own publishing company, put out several other books for clients, and finally decided that we should take a chance on this one.

So far, it’s been the best move of our careers…

Christopher Davenport has always wanted to be the center of attention.
It started early on when he was growing up, living life with a pretty weird and diverse crowd that included bikers, druggies, and bank robbers. It could have ended up a huge disaster for him. Still, somehow, he was able to scrape up enough of the best values of life, thanks in part to his mother. He went out on his own to make a name for himself, first in entertainment, then mobile dentistry, and just recently into an e-commerce project targeted to take on Amazon itself.

“I feel…

She’s the dynamo behind Central Park South Publishing, who landed one of the hottest books of the year, “The Diary of Princess Pushy, Part 1” by Samantha Markle, and it’s only March!

Over the past weeks, we’ve observed the train-wreck of a President try to negate the American way. You know, the country that has allowed him to benefit and make a bundle while in office, condoned his racist, bigoted and misogynistic rants, and killed over 250,000 of us because he is an idiot. And a bully. Such a bully. We’ve always said, that no matter what political party he chose to destroy, we’d be against him.

If Donnie wants to call us names, mock us in a tweet or be his usual obnoxious self, come at us. @writerswithcats. We don’t fear…

Our take on the entire debate was summed up in one phrase by Joe Biden. “Will you shut up, man!” We’ve waited over 5 years to have Trump shut up. He is a bully, a cheat, a liar and gum stuck on the bottom of a shoe. To be fair, he may have hi good points — like liking his grand-kids — but as a politician and as a man, his sum is zero. Less than zero. Ask his victims.

Trump’s performance demonstrated his contempt for all of us. We are still waiting for him to sincerely acknowledge that on…

We’ve done it for over 20 years! Now we share how to thrive despite COVID19 while working from home.

HomeWork or work from home. We’ve been home-based (and online) for over 20 years. We totally understand how that works. For years now, our company, Scribes Unlimited, LLC, has operated both online and out of wherever we hang our hats. Apartment or house, we have dedicated spaces to that mystical entity — the home office.

Now you’ve all caught up to us, and it took a pandemic to do it. When we started out, we were mocked and misunderstood. After all, we were ‘home,’ so of course, we had all the time in the world. Friends actually became offended if…

Spirited but Offbeat, Melissa & Kasho makes a perfect holiday gift along with some other fun books for those cold, dark winter nights!

It’s less than a month to Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza, and the vicissitudes of 2020. Snow is in the air, it’s getting dark earlier, and sometimes you need a break from all the holiday cheer! What’s better than cozying up to a good book with a cuppa, and escaping into a whole new world?


Author of the novel Franco and Anna Gennusa:Their Journey, artist, poet, answers the Proust Questionnaire, and the answers are revealing!

We recently reconnected with Mary B Gennusa Patterson and thought that Proust Questionnaire would be an excellent way to see how this artist, poet, and now novelist was thriving. Mary was born in Sicily near the end of World War 2. She is the youngest of six sisters, and her parents — Franco and Anna Gennusa were the inspiration of her first novel. She has several sequels completed.

Ms. Patterson has been an artist for years and has a home filled with her paintings and collages. She became a poet and then turned her hand to writing prose. “I never…

Original article appears at https://bahaiteachings.org/nightmares-turned-spiritual-dreams

Camilla Chance

We are now presenting Camilla Chance’s final offering to the Baha’i Teachings.org site based on incidents which will be revealed in her upcoming memoir Warrumyea: The Left-Handed Woman.

Originally published on https://bahaiteachings.org/losing-everything-but-my-faith-becoming-bahai

Camilla Chance has lived all over the world, and became a Baha’i in Switzerland at age 22. Her most recently published books, the multi-award winning best-seller Wisdom Man by Banjo Clarke as told to Camilla Chance: the compassionate life and beliefs of a remarkable Aboriginal Elder, and Melissa & Kasho, a work of fiction, can be read on Kindle or ordered through her websites www.camillachance.com and www.wisdommanbook.com. This article is adapted from Warrumyea: The Left-Handed Woman, her memoir soon to be published. Camilla holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Melbourne University, and has been a…

Paula M Amaras & Paul T Driggere

Owners of Scribes Unlimited, LLC, and co-authors of 7 books. New works on the horizon!

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