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Over the past weeks, we’ve observed the train-wreck of a President try to negate the American way. You know, the country that has allowed him to benefit and make a bundle while in office, condoned his racist, bigoted and misogynistic rants, and killed over 250,000 of us because he is an idiot. And a bully. Such a bully. We’ve always said, that no matter what political party he chose to destroy, we’d be against him.

If Donnie wants to call us names, mock us in a tweet or be his usual obnoxious self, come at us. @writerswithcats. We don’t fear this awful man and are not intimidated by him, not like our elected officials that are in the GOP. …


Paula M Amaras & Paul T Driggere

Owners of Scribes Unlimited, LLC, and co-authors of 7 books. New works on the horizon!

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