Enough Already, Donald. You’re a Loser. Accept It.

Over the past weeks, we’ve observed the train-wreck of a President try to negate the American way. You know, the country that has allowed him to benefit and make a bundle while in office, condoned his racist, bigoted and misogynistic rants, and killed over 250,000 of us because he is an idiot. And a bully. Such a bully. We’ve always said, that no matter what political party he chose to destroy, we’d be against him.

If Donnie wants to call us names, mock us in a tweet or be his usual obnoxious self, come at us. @writerswithcats. We don’t fear this awful man and are not intimidated by him, not like our elected officials that are in the GOP. This nasty man has hijacked the party, and instead of standing up to him, they cave in every way.

So go home Donald. Hide in your golf courses, your resorts and towers. Leave us all alone. Give the GOP a chance to recover it’s equilibrium. Take Mitch and Lindsey with you, and sit around complaining, nursing your wounds, and conspiracy theories. And get ready to fight extradition from Florida to New York. We think your post presidency will be spent fighting to stay out of jail. We don’t care if you make a deal, but it needs to be 1) you are never allowed to tweet again, 2) stay put at you properties, 3) and you can’t talk to the media at all. If you do any of those things, off to the pokey for you.

Let the United States once again become the land of ‘e pluribus unim’ and not the land of trolls and white supremacist domestic terrorists. Let them slink back beneath their rocks. Give decency a chance.

We don’t expect any sort of humanity from Trump. He has shown time and again he is incapable of even the most basic empathy. Maybe if we appealed to his greed — and to let him know that if he continues to divide us, it will affect his ability to steal from us.

We have rarely disliked anyone, any group of people as much as we’ve done these past four years. Whenever we attempted to discuss progress, or common human concerns with supporters obviously suffering from the “delirium tremens” (or the donald tremens)that characterize the administration supporters, we’ve met with a wall of ignorance, racism and hate. We can only hope that Doncon’s post-presidential years will be ignored and the ignorance that has run so rampant is replaced with critical thinking and a return to a calmer, honest country, capable of addressing our problems that have been so exacerbated over these years. Racism, police brutality, guns, hate and controlling women’s bodies.

We were actually driving someone to the airport when she, after having promised not to discuss politics, started in on us for our belief in democracy. She is a victim of trump-ism to its fullest degree. “I have a black friend, so I can’t be racist.” “I know he’s not a good person, but I am doing better so why change.” “ Democrats are awful people and George Soros owns them.” All these statements spewed from her mouth. The driver was ready to throw her out of the car onto the freeway. However, we were ‘good people’ and took her to her plane anyway.

So DT as we like to call him, has to go away. If as a nation we are ever going to recover our equilibrium, we have to let this loser go, and move forward to become the America we once believed we were.

Next week is Thanksgiving, the quintessential North American (Canada & US) holiday, where we celebrate that for which we are thankful. We need to restore the faith in our institutions, our electorate, our better selves. We need to be thankful that a decent man has been elected to replace this lying cheat. We have to learn kindness, caring, selflessness and the golden rule again. We need to encourage those (not the diehard trolls) but the good, misguided people that we are better off when Americans are united and not subjected to a constant barrage of lies, hate and divisiveness. From the many, one.

So happy Thanksgiving. May God bless America, we are going to need it.



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Paula M Amaras & Paul T Driggere

Owners of Scribes Unlimited, LLC, and co-authors of 7 books. New works on the horizon!